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Humane Interface

I always liked to imagine as a child that there was some distinctive personality behind every executable. Perhaps this was prompted by watching Tron or playing Mega Man, but I vividly remember wanting to bring that dream to reality some day. One of my first imagined careers involved putting a sort of spirit inside the machine, making a sentient companion for each device that you could trust completely with your daily tasks and darkest secrets. It was somewhere between Cortana, Siri and Samantha from Her. I doubt I'll have the opportunity to work on AI that advanced in my lifetime, but the least I can do is conceptualize with the tools I have. This one in particular dwells within the circuits of a PlayStation 4.

Thanks to Gui Guimaraes for the 2D concept:

Also watch Black Mirror's White Christmas episode on Netflix for a more fleshed out glimpse of this sort of sentience. I initially modeled this for a final last semester and decided to touch it up a bit and give it a proper rendering.

Chris coppoletti final3

Short Sculpt & Turntable