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Windows to the Universe

The eye is a threshold upon which we can gaze into the soul, a portal into another endlessly expanding dimension. Solar winds mix with dark matter and speckle themselves with meteors, while gravity and time bend themselves around invisible hands, like sand sliding through spread fingers. The most beautiful thing in the universe may be the stars and galaxies themselves but they all pale in comparison to the infinite consciousness held within our hearts and minds. Staring contests and meaningful conversations are excursions into the far reaches of that realm, where new life and discovery lace themselves around asteroid belts and planetary rings. And at the very center of this doorway there is a cold black void where gravity and time themselves sink into nothingness. Black as the edges of reality, this hole consumes other universes if stared at for too long. This is love: the conglomeration of galaxies as they collide and explode, either ripping each other apart relentlessly or becoming one and slowly- fading- away.

Chris coppoletti windows to the universe by fusobotic d7akdf1